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Alto Huayabamba

San Martin region was heavily deforested in the 1980’s as it became a red zone of coca production. With the help of USAID, local farmers switched from coca to cocoa cultivation in the 1990’s. The Fair Trade & Organic cooperative ACOPAGRO was created at that time. 

Launched in 2008, Alto Huayabamba reforestation project was set up with the objective to develop best-class agroforestry systems and ensure the sustainability of the cocoa cultivation model. 

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Type: Reforestation / Agroforestery / Carbon (VCS)


Partner: ACOPAGRO cooperative


Localization: San Martin region, Amazonia, Peru


Objectives: Plantation of 2 million trees


Participants: 2000 fair trade & organic cocoa farmers



VCS Verified Carbon Standard

VCS validation of the project in December 2011 by Rainforest Alliance.

VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) is the best recognised standard on the market of voluntary carbon offset for forestry projects. VCS gives criteria for the validation, measurement and management of carbon offsetting projects.


  2015-01 Progress report (EN)     Download
  2014-05 Photos story     Download
  2014-05 Progress report (EN)     Download
  2013-06 Progress report (EN)     Download
  2012-06 Progress report (EN)     Download
  Validation statement     Download
  PDD Project Design Document     Download


ACOPAGRO provides technical assistance in organic cultivation and forestry to each farmer member of the cooperative, thanks to the work of 12 dedicated Engineers and Technicians in Forestry and Agronomy, who visit each community every month, and every farmers individually twice a year.
As they are almost permanently in contact with the farmers, they are key persons for the good development of the project. 
The cooperative ACOPAGRO is very well organized and structured, and already a very performing fairtrade and organic cooperative. This is one of the main strength of the project.

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