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Insetting business and supply chains




Insetting aims to enhance the competitiveness of an Organization by regenerating and conserving the ecosystems and resources its activities depend upon.

At the heart of an Insetting program, lies the integration of socio-environmental considerations within the strategy of a business:

  • Secure supply chains & sourcing
  • Control of environmental footprint
  • Preserve resources and core business
  • Reinforce group values and employee empowerment
  • Add value to the product
  • Engage consumers and partners


Insetting programs are designed to consider all social, economic and environmental issues associated with a supply chain, from farm to final consumer. The objective is to reduce risks and induce well managed supply chains on a first hand, and to encourage social and environmental progress and innovation as a whole on a second hand.

Our approach to Insetting is progressive, starting with identifying and reducing potential sources of social and environmental risk within a supply chain. PUR Projet then continues to target other impact factors associated with the supply chain.such as: adaptation to climate change, soil, water, biodiversity, resources & energy, socio-economic development, as well corporate impacts and societal change.

insetting supply chains