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Join PUR Projet, a team of inspiring professionals working with PUR Projet clients to define and manage community agroforestry projects and supply chain activities constitutive of their insetting programs. The different phases of an insetting program include: impact assessment and supply chains studies, program definition, program coordination in collaboration with client’s teams, definition of monitoring frameworks, communication on the projects activities and outcomes, and development of marketing or co-ˇfinancing strategies to involve final consumers or other partners. As Program Manager, you will design, structure and pilot such programs for clients (objectives, roll-out plans, governance, monitoring framework, reporting tools, deliverables), prepare the programs’ updates, evolutions, and additional proposals in view of major meetings and steering committees with clients, develop insetting proposals aligned with PUR Projet commercial strategy, to develop new programs with new or existing clients, etc. To get more info, see the detailed offer here. You can apply by writing to (CV + Cover Letter).

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