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Our Story


PUR Projet started in 2008 under the leadership of Tristan Lecomte, former Founder of Alter Eco (a pioneer Fair Trade company in France). While working with small-scale farmers in Africa, Asia and South America, Tristan experienced first-hand the adverse farming conditions these communities were facing. In addition, it was clear that the challenges facing many of these Farmers was directly linked to the state of ecosystem degradation at the landscape level and to the growing impacts of climate change. Tristan started to discuss with Farmers the opportunity to plant trees to restore land fertility, bring back biodiversity, increase crops resilience and mitigate the impacts of climatic events. From this initial work, a pool of engaged entrepreneurs gather to form what is now the PUR Projet Network. PUR Projet is now a collective of organizations collaborating to fight climate change and restore degraded ecosystems at landscape level. 

  • Pur Projet story Tristan Lecomte

    Creation of PUR ProjetCreation of PUR Projet under the impetus of Tristan Lecomte, a collective of social entrepreneurs sharing a common goal: fighting deforestation and climate change.

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    Opening of two officesOpening of the Paris and San Francisco offices.

  • alter-eco-story2

    Insetting with Alter EcoLaunch of the first agroforestry project in Peru, in partnership with Alter Eco and the ACOPAGRO cooperative of organic and fair trade cocoa farmers.

  • Alto Shamboyacu Jubilacion Segura

    Alto ShamboyacuLaunch of the Alto Shamboyacu project, now Jubilación Segura project in Peru.

  • Biocorredor Martin Sagrado REDD pur projet

    Forest conservation activitiesLaunch of the REDD+ Biocorredor Martin Sagrado project in Peru, as a complement of on-going reforestation projects.

  • Tristan Lecomte

    Recognition by TIME MagazineTristan Lecomte is named one of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world in 2010, and appointed as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and as an Ashoka Fellow.

  • neutral-cococa-halba

    Cocoa supply chain InsettingChocolats Halba, Alter Eco's chocolate maker, joins the Insetting program and commits to evaluate, reduce and offset its carbon footprint by participating in the Alto Huayabamba project. Some shops that sell Alter Eco chocolates organize "tree operations" (for every item sold, a tree is planted in the Alto Huayabamba project). Benefits are enhanced and shared between all the stakeholders.


  • thierrymugler-insetting

    Plant conservation with ClarinsThierry Mugler (Clarins group) decided to commit to the preservation of the forest and its rich floral biodiversity, perfumes' key ingredients, and finance the planting of medicinal plants in the Santa Rosa botanical garden in Peru.


  • projects-africa-purprojet

    Geographic expansionLaunch of new agroforesty projects in Asia and Africa.

  • 0ouganda_resultat

    Agroforestry with Ben & Jerry'sThrough Insetting, Ben & Jerry's supports the development of sustainable agricultural practices and agroforestry in its supply chains (milk, vanilla, cocoa, banana) and fights for climate and social justice.

  • thailand-office-purprojet

    PUR Projet ThailandOpening of a regional office in Thailand.

  • PUrFarm

    PUR FarmCreation of the PUR Farm in Thailand, an experimental agroecology farm on 3 hectares.

  • VCS Validation PUR Projet Alto Huayabamba

    Alto Huayabamba certificationVCS validation for the Alto Huayabamba project in Peru.

  • 2-million-trees-purprojet

    Over 2 million trees plantedPUR Projet reaches 2 million trees planted and 317 000 hectares in conservation.

  • Pur projet france hexagone

    Agroecological transition in EuropeLaunch of agroforestry projects in France and Europe.


    Plant for the Planet with AccorHotelsAccorHotels group assigns PUR Projet to manage its Plant for the Planet program according to the principles of Insetting. This program funds tree planting activities with half of the laundry savings generated when customers keep their bath towel for more than one night.

  • Certification ccba vcs martin sagrado pur projet

    CCBA and VCS validations in PeruCCBA and VCS validation for the Biocorredor Martin Sagrado project in Peru.

  • Supply-chain-audit-purprojet

    Supply chain auditsStart of supply chain audit activities.

  • 0apiculture

    Sustainable economic activitiesIntegration of complementary activities in order to enhance the projects and their impacts (beekeeping, fish farming, gardening, eco-tourism, etc.).

  • davos tristan lecomte

    Insetting in DavosInsetting presentation at the Davos Economic Forum.

  • _P4A5267 PUR Lab - pur projet- pierric jammes

    PUR LabCreation of the PUR Lab in partnership with universities and research institutes to measure and quantify ecosystem services provided by trees.

  • 6a00d83452c51b69e201a73e0b1b03970d-800wi

    Agroforestry with NespressoNespresso decides to engage in a massive insetting program of its coffee supply chains and commits to plant 10 million of trees by 2020 in agroforestry models with coffee farmers.

  • IMG_0023-IPI - international platform insetting pur projet

    International Platform for InsettingLaunch of the International Platform for Insetting (IPI) with AccorHotels, CHANEL and Nespresso.

  • 0singapour_resultat

    PUR DevelopmentOpening of a regional office in Singapore.

  • pur products rice pur projet SRI

    PUR ProductsFirst commercialization of the PUR Products, coming from agroforestry programs of PUR Projet in Thailand.

  • accor resolution arbre

    Accor adopts the Tree ResolutionOn the occasion of its AGM, AccorHotels group submits the “Tree Resolution”, approved by 96% of the shareholders, and commits to plant 10 million trees by 2021.


    Certification of Dhamma RakhsaEcocert certification for various projects in Thailand (Reforestation and Solidarity standard).

  • 1P4A2731-pur-projet-international

    International PUR TeamOpening of regional offices in Colombia and Ethiopia.

  • IMG_9953 cop21-pur projet-grand palais- insetting-pauline vialatte-ambassadeur climat

    Mobilization during COP 21Climate and forests mobilization during COP 21 promoting the Tree method of personal Insetting.

  • Pokmasta-Pur-Projet-DSCF7031 2

    PejarakanLaunch of the first marine ecosystems restoration project in Indonesia: Pejarakan.

  • unesco-granpajaten-purprojet

    Recognition by UNESCOThe Biocorredor Martin Sagrado conservation project becomes part of UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves (Gran Pajatén declared as a 2.4 million hectares Biosphere Reserve).

  • pur projet B corp

    B Corp certificationPUR Projet obtains the B Corp certification, awarded to companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, and meet rigorous standards of accountability and transparency.

  • _P4A3470 4million trees planted pur projet

    7 million trees7 million trees planted and 384 000 hectares of forest in conservation.

  • impact-investing-purprojet

    Amazonia JustaLaunch of an impact investing project in Peru aiming at restoring degraded lands through agroforestry activities with local farmers. Agroforestry packages will be provided to farmers thanks to the initial investment, and later on the agroforestry outputs will be partly sold internationally to pay back investors (debt financing) with an interest rate. First stage: restoration of 6,000 ha, long term potential: 100,000 ha.