what is insetting

Balancing economic activities with ecosystem capacities


Insetting Accor

Insetting represents a vision shared by a growing number of organizations regarding how companies can balance their relationship with the environment upon which we all depend. By engaging in integrated socio-economic and environmental projects, within their supply chains, these organizations are moving to secure the development of a more sustainable future.

Insetting aims to enhance the competitiveness of a company by regenerating and conserving the ecosystems and resources required to support their supply chains. It consists of internally offsetting the negative social and environmental impacts associated with their business (climate, water, biodiversity, soils, social...).

When done correctly, Insetting is a powerful tool that can create shared value along the entire value chain of a company. Innovation in Insetting truly creates positive on the social, environmental and business impacts.

Unlike traditional offsetting unrelated to company's activities, Insetting compensates impacts (climate, water...) within the company’s own business value chain, also creating shared value for the company and its ecosystem, and all stakeholders. This is a breakthrough innovation which will contribute to move Corporate Sustainability out of the niche market to become a standard.


TowardS full CIRCLE sustainability



The method for Insetting is progressive and open, generally starting with the evaluation, reduction and insetting of the GHG footprint of an organization. Progressively, other impact metrics are then incorporated into the project, including: adaptation to climate change, soil, water, biodiversity, resources & energy, socio-economic development, as well as corporate impacts and societal change.

The ultimate goal is to create a net positive impact through evaluating, reducing and progressively compensating all of these impacts. All projects are developed within the sphere of influence of the Organization, hence allowing for the incorporation of its own vision, values, management system, program and projects in place.

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