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Created in 2013 this project aims at:

  • Supporting farmers with new income generation through productive tree planting.
  • Preserving the local biodiversity through habitats restoration.
  • Promoting sustainable agricultural practices with trainings on specific topics such as organic farming or green cover implementation.


My sons loves agriculture. He has decided to manage his own fiel. With the project he has planted pistachio and olive trees in organic farming.” –  Mari Carmen



Toledo province, Spain


Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

Fundación Global Nature


138 Farmers


53,627 planted trees

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Fruits and Vegetables

Local partner

Fundacion Global Nature is a Spanish foundation specialized in biodiversity conservation, restoration of habitats and threatened species as well as in the development of sustainable agricultural activities. They provide technical assistance to the farmers, and are in charge of coordinating the local operations.

Plantation models

Species planted

Tamarisk - Tamarix Gallica

Tamarisk – Tamarix Gallica

Holm oak - Quercus Ilex

Holm oak – Quercus Ilex

Broom - Retama Sphaerocarpa

Broom – Retama Sphaerocarpa

Olive tree - Olea europaea

Olive tree – Olea europaea

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Around 138 small and medium scale farmers (15 hectares on average) producing cereals, vines and olives in and around Villacanas and Madridejos cities. Villacanas people, in particular, have been badly affected by the economic crisis in 2012 when 80% of the city plants closed down (70% of the doors of Spain used to be produced in Villacanas). Some people decided to start new activities and convert to agriculture. Some are following organic practices as this helps ensure the sustainability of their project in the long term. Farmers are also getting organized to sell collectively their production through local cooperatives.



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