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30 Team Members


About 90 Project Technicians in the Field (Cooperative Partners)

40 Projects


Working in 40 Countries


150 Corporate Partners


Our ambition is to change the world by helping companies regenerate and protect ecosystems upon which they depend.

This approach, called "Insetting", encourages our Partners to integrate social and environmental innovation at the heart of their operations. Our main actions are :

1. Develop: a global network promoting Insetting solutions from farm to plate.
2. Promote: investment in integrated social and environmental projects, leveraging our project experience and network.
3. Educate: on why supporting ecosystems is the best possible investment for current and future generations



"PURE": “Accepting what is, while recognizing anything is possible.”

"PUR PROJET": "A project that uses creativity and innovation to promote sustainable solutions that advance a common good in the world.”


Mission and values

At PUR Projet, we are driven by strong social and environmental values. Our goal is to support livelihoods amongst the less fortunate and promote the conservation and regeneration of the most endangered species and ecosystems. We believe developing insetting projects with our partners is the most effective way to achieve these goals. PUR Projet aims at empowering local communities involved in our projects. Our most valuable strength is our ability to work in direct partnership with local communities, cooperatives and small-scale farmers. 

Through education and trainings, we drive local communities to manage their local projects themselves. We are comitted through our global network of professionals and partners, to support, monitor and evaluate their success.

The PUR Projet Team is characterised by its professionalism and reactivity, its capacity to manage large-scale climate and ecosystem regeneration programs, and to manage projects for key accounts, such as multinationals and international institutions. PUR Projet’s Technicians and Managers are dedicated to taking climate action and ecosystem regeneration projects from a niche market to a mainstream best practice for large companies.

PUR Projet has developed a unique methodology to assess and design social and environmental projects in line with the needs and values of Stakeholders. Through our PUR Lab initiative, we have developed innovative scientific monitoring tools and techniques. They allow us to valorise and monetise economic services generated by the ecosystems we regenerate.

At PUR Projet, we strongly believe that Insetting via Agroforestery is the most efficient way to regenerate our planet's global ecosystem. We are demonstrating, day after day, that engaging in integrated climate action (Insetting) and broader environmental projects, is the best way to benefit local and international stakeholders, as well as ecosystems they depend upon. It also strenghtens the company that engages in these projects, growing its business model more resilient, performant, legitimate and inspiring for others.

Insetting via planting trees leverages the committment of all parties for climate mitigation, as well as countless social and economic benefits.


They speak about us


"Forget carbon offsetting, insetting is the future" - The Guardian


"In one word: integrating ecology into business models" La Croix


"Tristan Lecomte is turning his combination of vision and business acumen to tackling climate change." - BBC


"PUR Projet’s objective is to contribute to the agricultural model transformation and more globally to the general system's transformation." - BFMTV


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tristan lecomte pur projet
After founding and developing Alter Eco, the leading organic and fair trade company in France, Tristan Lecomte founded PUR Projet in 2008 with the goal to fight climate change and deforestation via the insetting process. Tristan has received multiple awards and distinctions for his work with both Alter Eco & PUR Projet. In 2008, the World Economic Forum appointed him one of the "Young Global Leaders". He also became an Ashoka Fellow in 2009 and was named one of the "Most Influential People in the World" in 2010 by the TIME Magazine. Most recently, Tristan was nominated as "Social Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Schwab Foundation, in 2013.

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International presence



PUR Projet was certified by the non-profit B Lab against rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. PUR has evaluated how our practices impact our employees, our community, the environment, and our customers, and we continually seek to improve our performance.

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