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"REDD" (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) is a framework born and discussed at Conferences of Parties UNFCCCC, aiming to provide incentives for all rainforest countries to avoid deforestation and degradation of the forests. The framework creates a financial value for the carbon stored in forests, offering incentives for developing countries to reduce deforestation and degradation and invest in low-carbon paths to sustainable development.

“REDD+” goes beyond deforestation and forest degradation, and includes the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

REDD+ projects consist in implementing activities contributing to reducing deforestation and forest degradation. Communities depending on the forest for livelihood are active participants in the implementation of the activities.

Carbon financing is used to support rural communities to develop a range of livelihood activities including non-timber forest products, improved agroforestry activities and productivity intensification, community-based ecotourism infrastructure, micro-credit and communication walkways development as well as other economic, social, cultural and environmental activities.




redd projectredd_project

Conservation projects (REDD+) help small and disadvantaged farmers to protect their forest and develop profitable sustainable activities using forest services. Activities are of 4 types:
> Coercive activities: e.g, registration of the area to a higher level of protection, demarcation and patrolling, legal actions to avoid uncontrolled immigration, etc.

> Incentive activities to increase the value of standing forest: e.g., seeds extraction, eco-tourism, non forest products use, etc. The objective of these activities is to make the forest more attractive and profitable standing than logged for communities

> Incentive activities to increase value of already deforested areas : e.g., increase of farming yields, farming certifications, soil fertility enhancement, etc. The objective is to decrease the need for local communities to deforest more.

> Assisted Natural Regeneration : enhancement of forest carbon stocks through sustainable forest management practices (thinnings, etc.)



redd project

We gather funds for the REDD+ projects but let the communities be empowered on the project, take ownership of it and develop it at their pace. It is a development project that seeks autonomy and self-sufficiency in the long run.

The projects we develop are community-led and implemented projects, which involve the communities in the project and buffer areas. These are disadvantaged communities, essentially made up of small-scale farmers. They are at the core of project design, decision process, prioritization and implementation of activities.

The objective is to empower these communities and give them the opportunity to manage their environment and conserve the project area over the long-term.