Insetting program management


PUR Projet provides comprehensive services to implement Insetting programs for the Companies with which we work. These services include:

Assessment: evaluate candidate projects for feasibility, relevance and appropriateness

Design & Implementation: regenerate ecosystems and provide livelihood benefits to local populations through the design and implementation of integrated positive impact projects

Monitoring, Valuation & Communication: measure and value impacts to demonstrate the benefits of ecosystem based positive impact projects.

The Insetting services PUR Projet provides are summarized below. The comprehensive nature of our services ensures the consistency and efficacy of our Insetting program management. These services can be provided independently or as an entire program.


insetting program management

Our services include: 


Environmental Fooprinting


  • Carbon footprint 
  • LCA 
  • Multicriteria tailor made anaysis


Supply Chain Control


  • Desk review of risks and opportunities 
  • Sourcing opportunities 
  • Purchasing standards 
  • Audit framework
  • Field audits


Insetting Project Development


  • Field assessments (NIPS) 
  • Design and management of community projects 
  • Audit of 3rd party projects (IPAM) 
  • Quantification of services (PUR Lab) 
  • Mediation


Co-Funding / Scalability


  • Structure co-funding schemes for various stakeholders to increase scale and impacts 
  • Structure impact investing scheme 
  • Support the creation on internal corporate impact investing funds


Commodities / Sourcing


  • Identification of various supply chains
  • Linkage to farmers / sellers
  • Guarantee of supply chain quality and monitoring


Training / Conferences


  • Training sessions for decision-makers
  • Awareness campaigns for employees / the public
  • Trainings for farmers
  • Conferences



Media and marketing content 


  • Corporate media and short films
  • Documentaries
  • Photo exhibits
  • Tree planting products