Our team

Tristan Lecomte

Co-founder and president

Pierric Jammes

Co-founder and managing director

Vincent Rabaron

Deputy director

Albéric Pottier

Director of Projects

Andrew Nobrega

Director North America and United Kingdom

Daniel Jongejan

Project Manager Asia-Pacific

 Marie Baranger

Project Manager Africa

Maxime Couasse

Project Manager Latin America

Emilia D’Avack

Project Manager Europe & Coastal Ecosystems Expert

Joël Baumgartner

Asia-Pacific Project Coordinator

Arthur Pivin

Projects Coordinator

Camille Lestradic

Program manager

Florian Reimer

Project Coordinator South East Asia

Lorena Frier

Program Manager

Clément Castagna

Program Manager

Barbara Bonnet

Project Coordinator Latin America

Iyasu Adisu

Project Coordinator East Africa

Fon Supitcha Tiyapipat

Project Manager Thailand

Xavier Collet

Supply Chain Analyst and SSCA Audits Expert

Marie Godard

Administrative and financial officer

Lisa Carpentier

Finance & Administration Coordinator

Patricia Chauvel-Aublet

Program Development France

Aurore Oberlé

Program Officer

Nicolas Crestin

Projects Coordinator

Manowat Hemwong

Thailand Project Coordinator

Emil Simondon

France Project Coordinator

Joséphine Glorion

Program Manager

Yonas Fall

Senior Program Manager

Juliette Cody

Senior Program Manager

Mouna Jabri

PUR Lab Officer

Laure Harter

Program Officer

Anaïs Gentit

Projects Coordinator Africa

Naïs Roy

Projects Coordinator

Emmanuelle Hervéou

Senior Manager Media and Communication

Emilie Coulon

Program Officer

Eléna Esposto

Marketing and Communication Project Manager

Jules Castro

Program Officer

Ly Nguyen Huong

Project Officer South East Asia

Alice Artigues

Program Manager

Oscar J. Santamaría Gutiérrez

Deputy Director Amazonia Justa

Manon Constanty

Project Officer

Kelly Gouhoury

Program Officer

Anna Morio

Project Officer

Karim Lagha

Program Officer

Aurélie Moy

Program Officer

Paul Hrycyk

Project Manager North America

Aurélien Cartal

Manager of Central Operations and Research

Dima Alhourani

Program Officer

Maximilien Simon

Project Officer Europe

Mateo Bermudez

Program Manager (Bogota)

Marie-Amélie Ormières

People Strategy Manager - Work Smart Together

Aude Le Leuch

Chief Financial Officer

Claire Breit-Corbière

Project Officer - France

Alix Garnier

Program Officer

Nadine Stueber

Program Officer

Sarah Archibald

Program Manager North America

Victor Delaby

Program Officer - North America

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