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Insetting Accor

“PUR Projet is a pioneer in the development of Nature Based Solutions, in particular Insetting. This breakthrough approach generates multiple benefits for a company and the ecosystems it depends on. It works to transform climate action from a niche activity to an industry standard” 

Insetting means evaluating, reducing and offsetting the climate and environmental footprint of a company by developing impactful socio-environmental projects within its value chain, and using them to build a sustainable society. In short, Insetting is about harmonizing companies with Nature from within.

At the heart of an Insetting program, lies the integration of socio-environmental considerations within the strategy of a business:

- Secure supply chains & sourcing
- Control of environmental footprint
- Preserve resources and core business
- Reinforce group values and employee empowerment
- Add value to the product
- Engage consumers and partners






An Insetting project requires progressive and adaptative approach. At the core of Insetting is a supply chain which is assesed, traced  - from farm to fork for its key commodities - and which impact such as carbon is evaluated. The approach integrates progressively other dimensions such as soils, water, biodiversity, resources and energy, socio-economical development as well as internal stakes specific to the company and society.  The ultimate goal is to create a net positive impact through evaluating, reducing and progressively compensating all of these impacts. All projects are developed within the sphere of influence of the organization, hence allowing for the incorporation of its own vision, values, management system, program and projects in place.

“The future of climate action, and to a larger extent, economic growth, depends on ecosystem regeneration. Integrating these strategies into our core business models and along supply chains will benefit all involved.”

Tristan Lecomte, Founder of PUR Projet & Co-Founder of the International Platform for Insetting


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