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Created in 2012, this project’s goals are:

  • Diversify and increase farmers’ revenue
  • Increase biodiversity and mitigate climate change
  • Preservation of heritage and cultural methods
  • Social cohesion and organization


This project, initiated by the chocolate maker Chocolats Halba and locally conducted with the APROSACAO cooperative and the local NGO Helvetas, aims at developing a high-quality fair and organic (organic farming, agroforestry) cocoa production in Honduras.



Olancho region, Honduras


Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

APROSACAO cooperative


239 Fair Trade and organic cocoa farmers


366,204 trees planted

supply chain



  • The Gold Standard is the most rigorous certification standard globally for carbon offset projects. It ensures that the projects actually reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and provide benefits to the local population.

Local partner

APROSACAO is a small-scale farmers cooperative founded in 2008 thanks to an agroforestry pilot project launched by Chocolats Halba and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation. They started to plant cocoa with timber trees in 2008. The cocoa they produce is exported to Switzerland under Fair Trade and Organic conditions. They also produce and sell bananas for the local market.

Plantation models

Species planted

Macuelizo - Tabebuia rosea

Macuelizo – Tabebuia rosea

Guyaba - Psidium guajava

Guyaba – Psidium guajava

Cedro - Cedrela odorata

Cedro – Cedrela odorata

Caoba - Swietenia Macrophylla

Caoba – Swietenia Macrophylla

More information


Over 400 farmers located in various small remote communities of Cuyamel, Rio Tinto, Rio Blanco areas. They are breeders traditionally, and have only started in the last years to plant cocoa with the help of FHH, Chocolats Halba, and Coop. Farmers are very poor, and earn in average 700 euros/year/family mainly from livestock (milk and meat) and money sent from families abroad. With initial cocoa plantations they can earn in average up to 1200 euros / year.