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Farmers of the Cauca and Nariño Departments are exposed to strong erosion accompanied by landslides, and suffer from growing water scarcity. Associated farmers are highly dependent on coffee production, complemented with milk and meat production. The project, in partnership with the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC), aims at planting trees inside and outside coffee farms, to secure, increase and diversify their revenues while preserving freshwater springs of the valley.


Cauca and Nariño regions


Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (Colombian Federation of Coffee growers)


More than 1000 small-scale coffee farmers from Cauca and Nariño clusters


297,000 planted trees

supply chain

Coffee , Fruits and Vegetables , Water

Local partner

Our local partner for the Cauca y Nariño project is the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros of Colombia.

Plantation models

Species planted

Nacedero - Trichanthera gigantea

Nacedero – Trichanthera gigantea

Guayacan Amarillo - Tabebuia chrysantha

Guayacan Amarillo – Tabebuia chrysantha

Cedro - Rosado Cedrela odorata

Cedro – Rosado Cedrela odorata

Roble - Quercus humboldtii

Roble – Quercus humboldtii


Over 1000 small-scale coffee farmers participate in this project.

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