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surface planted
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Launched in 2018, this project has following key goals:

Install organic coffee parcels in agroforestery system, in unused area.

Reduce erosion in parcels highly exposed to landslide.

Protect up-hill areas that generate springs and torrents and strongly benefit to population for water quality and quantity.

Diversify revenues by planting corn and beans as a transitory crop.


“The coffee trees are part of the forest, where there is shadow, food and protection. A farm which doesn’t have water or forest is doomed to disappear soon.” – Don Norverto Zambrano Velasco




Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

Federación National de Cafeteros del Cauca


994 farmers, 11 technicians employed


2302048 planted trees

supply chain



  • The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is a quality standard for voluntary carbon offset industry. Based on the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism, VCS establishes criteria for validating, measuring, and monitoring carbon offset projects.

Local partner

Federación National de Cafeteros del Cauca

The FNC is a non-profit democratic and federated organization founded in 1927 to promote the production and exportation of Colombian coffee. It currently represents more than 563,000 producers, most of whom are small family-owned farms. The FNC’s activities are directed towards improving the well-being of coffee grower’s families by providing assistance in sustainable and competitive practices within the industry.


Species planted

The objective is to plant around 4 820 000 coffee trees and 400 000 native forestry trees.


Participants are both organic certified farmers and organic standard compliant farmers, not yet certified. The project will focus at first (2018-2019) on farmers that already implement organic practices on their farms – whether they are certified or not – to help them expand their growing surfaces in agroforestry systems and restore strategic degraded lands around them.






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