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Women from the “Femmes du Rif” cooperative united in 2001 to gather and sell their olive harvest, and formally created an economic interest group (GIE) in 2006. PUR Projet helps them plant new olive trees to encourage the production and eventually fight against the development of cannabis cultivation.


Chefchaouen, Rif region, Morocco


Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

GIE Femmes du Rif


Women producers of olive oil


36,145 trees planted

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Fruits and Vegetables

Local partner

The cooperative is the result of a rural development project of feminine entrepreneurship run by the ONUDI, that was set up within the framework of the alphabetization course given to the women of the Rif. In 2001, some associations of women from Northern Morocco, most of whom had been able to attend this course, gathered and shared their annual harvests in order to be able to make economies of scale and ensure a higher quality of oil thanks to technical and trade support. In 2006, these groups of women decided to create a GIE in order to be more competitive on the market. Since then, the GIE progressively expanded and now gathers 10 cooperatives and 328 women. It enables them to produce and distribute a high quality organic olive oil.

Plantation models

Species planted

Fig - Ficus carica

Fig – Ficus carica

Olive tree - Olea europaea

Olive tree – Olea europaea

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The participants to this project are women farmers that produce olive oil as part of the GIE Femmes du Rif cooperative.