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In partnership with Greening Australia NGO, this project takes place in Australia, in four biodiversity hotspots internationally recognized for the richness and the diversity of their native flora and fauna. Native species are planted to preserve and regenerate these unique ecosystems, and raise public awareness.


4 landscapes of strategic ecological significance in Australia


Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

Greening Australia NGO


landowners, public authorities, schools, voluntaries


63225 trees planted

Local partner

Greening Australia is a Non-for-profit organization with over 200 staff including environmentalists, scientists and field staff. The NGO has over 34 years of experience in operating restoration projects at an impressive scale, covering all major Australian habitats across the country with nationwide programs, in 10 different landscapes. Their main objective is to put an end to the disappearance of biodiversity by replanting native trees, shrubs and grasses. To do so, they adopt a landscape approcha with a holistic view on conservation reconnecting highly fragmented habitats and restoring green corridors to enable species migrations and genetic mixing. Greening Australia always encourages the participation of the community in ecosystem restoration.


Greening Australia partners with local farmers and landowners thanks to the Natural Resource Management plans and land-care objectives in some of the planting areas of the project. Many volunteers are also involved throughout the year by the NGO to raise awareness towards the communities living around the project areas and build more resilient ecosystems through active education.