trees planted
surface planted
926 Ha


Ici On Sème is a collective that gathers companies & communities, farmers, foresters, cooperatives and operational partners. Ici On Sème aims to regenerate ecosystems at the landscape level and support better agricultural practices in France:

  • Create sustainable agriculture and forestry projects from financing and design to project implementation,
    Transforming agricultural sectors and territories to protect and regenerate ecosystems and their ecosystem services,
    Bring together farmers, foresters, cooperatives, companies and experts within a collective committed to the preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change.

The projects supported by Ici On Sème include: agroforestry, living soils, sustainable livestock farming, reforestation and reforestation of watersheds. Depending on the project, Ici On Sème also offers the opportunity to value the carbon sequestration by implementing a state-approved Label Bas Carbon.




Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

Euralis, Bleu Blanc Coeur, Civam, Ocealia, Noriap, Sandrers, les Vins IGP du Gard, Agribio 84, Agribio 13, Conservatoire du Littoral, LPO, Conservatoire Méditerranéen Partagé, CPIE Medoc


380 Farmers and landowners, associations, local communities


350,000 planted trees

supply chain

Beef , Cereals , Dairy , Fruits and Vegetables , Poultry , Water

Species planted

  • Frêne commun, Fraxinus excelsior
  • Chêne pédonculé, Quercus Robur
  • Merisier, Prunus Avium
  • Aulne glutineux, Alnus glutinosa
  • Erable champêtre, Acer campestris
  • Charme commun, Carpinus betulus
  • Noisetier, Corylus Avellana
  • Chêne vert, Quecus ilex
  • Arbousier, Arbutus unedo
  • Grenadier, Ficus carica
  • Aulne de Corse, Alnus cordata
  • Frêne à fleurs, Fraxinus ornus
  • Frêne oxyphille, Fraxinus angustifolia
  • Micocoulier, Celtis australis
  • Figuiers, Ficus carica
  • Fusain d’Europe, Euonymus europaeus
  • Pistachier vrai, Pisticia vera
  • Pistachier lentisque, Pistacia lentiscus



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