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The project, conducted by the Foundation AgriNatura specialized in agricultural biodiversity, aims at restoring the traditional orchards, which are a key component of the ecosystem and the rural landscape in Poland. Partner farmers have small or medium-sized family farms (5-25 ha), mainly organic. The establishment of orchards enables to diversify their sources of income by adding value to local products


Mazova region, Poland


Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

AgriNatura Foundation


Small and medium-sized family farms

supply chain

Fruits and Vegetables

Local partner

The AgriNatura Foundation is a Polish NGO founded in 2007 to promote organic farming and preserving agricultural biodiversity. They act at a local, national and European level with educational projects for farmers, youth and women in rural areas, development models of economically viable agriculture protecting biodiversity in all its aspects.

Plantation models

Species planted

Cesarz Wilhelm - Grochówka

Cesarz Wilhelm – Grochówka

Piękna z Boscoop

Piękna z Boscoop

Oliwka Czerwona

Oliwka Czerwona



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Small and medium family farms (5-25 ha) mainly organic, selected for their skills, environmental approach and their interest in having a commercial product in the long term.

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