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124 Ha


Created in 2015 the goals of this project are:

  • Preservation of the local agricultural biodiversity and genetic resources
  • Income diversification for Polish smallholders
  • Increase of the resilience of local ecosystems with the insertion of old varieties resistant to diseases and pest.


“In our small orchard we still have some old trees, with varieties such as kosztela, malinowka, antonowka. We take great care of them, to have them giving fruits as long as possible. We were dreaming of a bigger orchard and we tried to graft these varieties, but we did not succeed. We heard about the project “Kosztela” in 2016. It was like a dream coming true. After the first talks and the preliminary visit of Agrinatura’s team, we decided to establish a true traditional orchard. One that will transform and enhance the ecosystem of our farm and will give tasty fruits for many years to come.” – Michal and Dorotha Makaruk



Mazova region, Poland


Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

AgriNatura Foundation


162 Small and medium-sized family farms


175000 planted trees

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Fruits and Vegetables

Local partner

The AgriNatura Foundation is a Polish NGO founded in 2007 to promote organic farming and preserving agricultural biodiversity. They act at a local, national and European level with educational projects for farmers, youth and women in rural areas, development models of economically viable agriculture protecting biodiversity in all its aspects.

Plantation models

Species planted

More than 100 traditionnal polish Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry varieties:

Cesarz Wilhelm - Grochówka

Cesarz Wilhelm – Grochówka

Piękna z Boscoop

Piękna z Boscoop

Oliwka Czerwona

Oliwka Czerwona




Small and medium family farms (5-25 ha) mainly organic, selected for their skills, environmental approach and their interest in having a commercial product in the long term.