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Created in 2011, this project aims at:

  • Restoring and protecting forest biodiversity to ensure ecosystem services,
  • Increasing the resilience of forests against climate change,
  • Involving volunteers in forest work to increase environmental awareness.


Planting was a great experience for me, I have acquired new knowledge about the forest. Have met nice people from all over Germany.” – Dani von Latrinia (Volunteer attending planting activities)





Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

Bergwaldprojekt Association


volunteers from all over Germany


178,919 planted trees

Local partner

Bergwaldprojekt is an association created in 1986 by Mr. Wolfgang Lohbeck of Greenpeace Deutschland. Their objectives are the conservation, regeneration, and supervision of the healing of damaged German forests. They lead an average of 40 projects per year in 25 forests. They have a strong experience in involving the public in the plantations: since 1987, 20,000 volunteers have participated in their projects. Since 1987, more than 1 million trees have been planted by Bergwaldprojekt.

Plantation models

Species planted

Oak - Quercus robur

Oak – Quercus robur

Cherry tree - Prunus avium

Cherry tree – Prunus avium

Pine - Pinus sylvestris

Pine – Pinus sylvestris

White fir - Abies alba

White fir – Abies alba

More information


Plantations are done during voluntary workcamps gathering people from all over Germany wishing to experience a week in forest. Participants are attended during one week by the local forestry services together with experienced group leaders.