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Nordesta project’s objective is to preserve water resources through the reforestation of the surrounding and banks of São Francisco River in the Minas Gerais State in Brazil.

This project is led by the Nordesta Association, which operates every single stage of the program, from collecting seeds to growing them, until planting and maintaining the sites. They work in collaboration with local farmers and landholders.


Minas Gerais region, Brazil


Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

Nordesta Association


76 Local farmers and landowners


586,744 trees planted

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Fruits and Vegetables , Water

Local partner

Nordesta Switzerland is an NGO created by ornithologist Anita Studer to preserve the rainforests in Brazil. In 2005, Anita visits the Minas Gerais and decided to create a reforestation project along the sources of São Francisco River. She meets Neuza Falco Galvao who creates the Arcos Nordesta association and sets its eponymous nursery. Since then, over 260,000 trees have been planted, the return of species such as the maned wolf and various monkeys is regularly observed and environmental education and beekeeping projects are ongoing.

Plantation models

Species planted

Bico de Pato - Machaerium hirtum

Bico de Pato – Machaerium hirtum

Pitanga do brejo - Eugenia florida

Pitanga do brejo – Eugenia florida

Pururuca - Casearia rupestris

Pururuca – Casearia rupestris

Saboneteira - Sapindus saponaria

Saboneteira – Sapindus saponaria

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Participants are mainly farmers or smallholders (2-10 ha) with a salary of about 200 € / month, or medium size, with a salary between € 300 and € 900 / month. They willingly participate in the project for several reasons: land suffering from erosion, to increase the ecological value of their land (eco-tourism, regeneration agricultural sources, landscape, etc.). With this program, they’re able to comply with the Brazilian environmental standard that demands the non-cultivation of the river banks and sources and its revegetation, with no costs.



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