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The project focus for the first year was put on restoring the Blindman River, an affluent of Red Deer River. Agricultural activities have led to the removal of forests and riparian areas along the river which resulted in poor water quality and stream bank erosion. Moving forward, farms in the Red Deer River Watershed will be identified for planting of riparian zone areas, ecobuffers, and silvopasture suitability to improve water quality health, provide habitat for wildlife, improve soil health and restore ecosystem services.


“We have planted over 30,000 trees on our farm over the last 30 years to help improve biodiversity, capture snow, protect livestock and improve soil health. This year, in collaboration with PUR and AWES we were able to add another 1700 trees and shrubs. Without the financial support from PUR and the technical support from AWES we would have never been to make this planting project a reality!” – Takota Coen


Red Deer River Watershed, Province of Alberta


Agroforestry and reforestation

Local partner

Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society (AWES)


Scmall-scale cattle farmers


23,806 planted trees