PUR Projet X Kiehl’s


Kiehl’s began as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village neighbourhood. Dedicated to serving healthy skincare for all, Kiehl’s utilizes the most advanced technologies and uniquely efficacious, naturally derived ingredients.

Future Made Better is Kiehl’s commitment to a more sustainable future through responsible formulations, sustainable sourcing and reducing environmental impact. 



Globally, Kiehl’s is committed to the improvement, protection, and conservation of our environment, today and alwaysKiehl’s Travel Retail collaborates with PUR Projet on reforestation in France, Spain and Colombia.





The goals of our projects are to preserve the local biodiversity and to empower communities through agroforestry practices.

Thanks to your support, a tree will be planted on your behalf!

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PUR Projet

Founded in 2008 to fight climate change and deforestation, we now have projects in over 40 countries representing a large variety of plant and animal-based supply chains. Across the globe, PUR Projet is working with a growing number of partners and local communities to drive a more sustainable future. PUR Projet works with companies to regenerate the ecosystems upon which they depend. While developing socio-environmental projects to empower local communities, we help companies to strengthen their supply chains through agroforestry, land restoration and sustainable farming practices. As a social business, we reinvest most of our profits in our projects to create long-term sustainable activities, encourage local entrepreneurial initiatives, and restore natural capital while ensuring the economic balance of our activity. A Certified B Corp, PUR Projet is a business seeking to solve social and environmental challenges, while aligning with rigorous internal standards for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.


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